Monday, July 31, 2017

Week 57: Goodbye Amherst!

     One thing I quickly learned about the mission life is that you can never predict what will happen when the transfer texts come in.  Friday morning we received a text from the AP's saying that I had received a leadership call.  Elder Little and I thought for sure that I would be training and that he would be transferred but we were wrong! . . . .I'll be headed to Ludlow, MA which is not far at all from where I am now.  I'm really bummed to be leaving Amherst and Elder Little after only one transfer, but I am excited as well to go to Ludlow and serve with Elder Harris.  I will also now be serving as a Zone Leader and I am grateful for the new opportunity to stretch myself and become a better missionary.  I know my new companion fairly well and I'm stoked to be able to serve with him.
     Things went well this week here in Amherst and we were able to find a ton of great new potentials and investigators.  Also we were finally able to see, Shyam and Amanda, two of our investigators that we hadn't seen in weeks.  Both of them are doing great!  We hope to set a baptismal date with Shyam soon.  The reason we hadn't been able to get a hold of him for so long was that he accidentally dropped his cell phone into a swimming pool so he had no way to get into contact with us.  By a miracle, we were able to get into his apartment complex which is usually locked.
     While tracting this week, we found 3 new investigators; Dynasty, Sharon, and Kim.  All three of them are single women and both Dynasty and Sharon are single mothers raising their children.  Dynasty was really open to our message because she has been searching for a way to be able to build her faith in Christ.  She has a sweet little boy, Aiden, who has some mental challenges and at times she is pretty lost while raising him.  She told us she would be baptized if she knew the church was true and we are really hoping that we can get her to church this upcoming Sunday.  Sharon is a young 24 year old women with two kids.  She was very open to our message and after the Restoration she said, "Why haven't I heard this before?!"  She works as a veterinarian technician (sweet connection there!) and is very busy, but we are hoping to be able to get her to church this upcoming Sunday as well.
     This week we had an appointment set up with Al but it fell through because he ended up in the hospital!  Al has had some serious heart problems the past couple of years and he had some stomach pains this week.  Eventually, they got so bad that he had to go to the hospital and yesterday we were able to go and give him a blessing.  He was very thankful for the blessing and we really hope he recovers quickly.  Because of his heart, we think he is really wanting to change his life around.  He's been progressing well and we hope to set a baptismal date with him too.
     Things have been going great in Amherst and I'm grateful to have been able to serve in this area even though it was a short stay.  Elder Little has been such a great companion to me and he is going to continue to do great work here with his new companion, Elder Rivera.  Funny story:  We told one of the members that the new Elder coming spoke Spanish and she said, "Finally, this time we got a fake out!"  That's my life out here. :)  Thank you for all the support and love.  My new address is 
45 Willow St.  #505  Springfield, MA  01103.

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