Friday, August 11, 2017

Week 58: First Week in Ludlow

     Hello everyone!  I have officially survived my first couple of days here in Springfield, MA so I think I'm going to make it! ;)  But seriously this is the best area in the mission.  The work is fantastic, the members are outstanding, and I have one of the most dedicated amazing companions.  Elder Harris and I have already seen so many miracles together and we are having a great time.
     My last couple of days in Amherst were a good time.  Elder Little and I got along so well and I am very grateful for everything he was able to teach me and help me through last transfer.  A member even told us on our last day together, "You two are the best companionship I've ever seen come out of Amherst".  Hopefully our investigators there will continue to do well.  In the coming weeks, I'll be able to go on exchanges in Amherst and see a lot of them again, which is pretty cool.
     I'll tell you all a little bit more about my companion and new area.  Elder Harris is from Lindon, Utah.  He will have been on his mission for a year this Thursday.  He loves to sing and play tennis.  I must say when he sings in the shower it is quite impressive.  He is a very driven missionary and he truly knows his purpose.  In the short time we have been together, he has already taught me so much about being a leader and how to best help other missionaries.  Elder Harris has only been in Ludlow for one transfer and so we are most likely going to stay together for a while, hopefully!
     Our area Ludlow is so amazing.  Our area is kinda weird, 9/10 of the time we are in the city of Springfield working.  There is a ward and chapel in Springfield but the city of Springfield is in our ward and not the Springfield ward.  It is super weird.  So when I say Ludlow, I really mean Springfield.  We are teaching a TON of people right now and so I won't mention names until some of them start progressing more.  We have seen so many great things happen this week.  For example, we found this awesome apartment complex where literally eight out of ten people are interested.  In the past three days alone, we have found 15+ potential investigators and have picked up 4 of them as new investigators.
     Something exciting that we have going on this week is that we are trying to help the Zone to develop more faith in the work so we have set some HUGE goals with each of the companionships.  Every companionship has set a goal of how many investigators they think the Lord could help them find this week and how many investigators the Lord could help them have at church this next Sunday.  The averages have been lower in the past transfer and so the goals we have set are actually more than doubling what has been the norm.  We really are going to see miracles this week and I am so excited.  Please pray that we will all be able to reach our goals!
     Well that's pretty much it for this week.  I'm so thankful for everyone that has helped me thus far on my mission serving the Lord.  I know that this work is so, so important and it truly breaks my heart to see so many people who are without hope, love, or any faith in this city.  The Lord knows that the Gospel is needed and I am very grateful that I get to help Him out, even if it is really in a small way.  I love you all, have a great week!

Elder Gutierrez

Elder Gutierrez and his new companion, Elder Harris Ludlow area Zone Leaders

Elder Little and I holding 3 day old kittens.


Last Night in Amherst #smores

Goodbye, Amherst!

Goodbye, Elder Little

Playing pool with Elder Harris

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