Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Week 55: Lydia was baptized!

     Hey everyone!  Another P-day has arrived and another week has passed.  Time is going by quickly and things are going decently here.  A lot of our investigators aren't doing do great but we are really hoping things will all work out soon.
    We haven't heard from Shyam in over a week and we aren't too sure what happened to him.  Amanda has some real crazy things going on in her personal life so we are hoping we can help out in some way.  It would definitely help if you could all keep her in your prayers.
    On the good side though, Al is doing great!  We had a lesson with Al on Friday.  We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and invited him to commit to meeting with us twice a week.  A problem he has had in the past has been keeping commitments.  He always had an excuse about why he cannot do something.  When we extended the commitment, he began to ramble reasons why he wouldn't be able to and suddenly he stopped.  We literally watched the Spirit change his heart right in front of us and he said, "Wait, what am I talking about, yes I can do that".  It was incredible!!  We have a great lesson set up with Al tomorrow and we are real excited with his new commitment to change his life around.
     Wednesday we also saw a pretty great miracle when we were on exchanges with the Ludlow Elders.  I had a great day with Elder Neilson in the Ludlow area.  Elder Neilson is entering his last few weeks as a missionary and it is evident that he has learned a lot as a missionary.  We mainly got poured on all day, but even with the bad weather, we were able to teach some great lessons and meet a lot of new people who are interested in learning more about the Gospel.  Elder Little got to spend the day with Elder Harris also in the Ludlow area.  They were out tracting at the end of the day and said they had been getting good luck with yellow houses so they knocked on the door of every yellow house they saw.  On one of the last houses they knocked on, a younger girl answered and said, "Oh, hey, it's you guys!"  They asked her if she knew them and she said that she had met with missionaries in the past and that her mother was an inactive member who had served a mission when she was younger.  They were able to teach her the Restoration and she was really interested.  BUT. . . here's the miracle. . . she said she would be moving to Amherst that Sunday to go to UMASS!!  What are the odds of that?  So her name is Sobeydi and we hope to start teaching her here this week!  Pretty cool.
     So my last week in Warwick, we had a pretty amazing miracle happen where one of the YSA members brought a lady that he did not know to church.  In my last week in Warwick, I was able to teach this lady, Lydia, a couple of times and she always had a great spirit about her.  This week I was informed that she would be getting baptized!  Saturday morning Elder Little and I were able to drive down to Warwick and see Lydia's baptism.  It was a great experience and she was definitely prepared for the Gospel.  She learned quickly and has shown so much faith.  It was great to see the change in her life.  I'm very grateful that I got to participate in her conversion.  It was also good to see Elder Phillipsen and Elder Blum again.  They are still working with Eddie and Dakota and said that the work is going fantastic.  I also got to see Dakota and Lisa at the baptism which was great.
     It's been fun and busy week.  Thank you all so much for all that you do and for the support I receive.  I'm so grateful to be a missionary and to be serving the Lord at this time.  I love you all, have a good week!

Elder Gutierrez

Elder Phillipsen, Lydia, Elder Blum, and Elder Gutierrez - Lydia's Baptism July 15, 2017 in Warwick

Caught a snake while tracting!

Lesson and Dinner with our recent convert, Audrey.

Exchanges with Elder Neilson

Luxe Burger on Exchanges

Dakota and Lisa at Lydia's Baptism
Elder Little with Sister Blair's Maine Coon Cat

Elder Little and Elder Gutierrez with Sister Blair's Maine Coon Cats

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