Monday, July 24, 2017

Week 56: Tracting, Tracting, Tracting

     Hello family and friends!  It's been a successful week in Amherst.  This week was very busy and I had a great time enjoying the blessings of being a missionary.
     Tuesday was a very fun and full day.  We had to wake up super early in the morning to drive across Massachusetts for a Zone Conference.  Again and again I am amazed at the love and support that President and Sister Miller give to us missionaries, they are so amazing.  At the Zone Conference, we received some great trainings on our purpose and what our vision should be as missionaries for the Lord.  This impacted me greatly and I thought a lot of what my vision of my mission was and what I wanted it to be.  Earlier this week, I had read Elder Ballard's talk "Return and Receive" from last General Conference.  His talk focused on the great importance of setting goals in our lives and accomplishing those goals.  With all this great counsel I had received and with God's help, I was able to set some very personal and meaningful goals that I hope to accomplish in my last year as a missionary.  I'm very, very excited to see how the Lord will help me to accomplish these goals and hopefully along the way I can bless some of His children.
     Wednesday, I got to go on another exchange with Elder Schrader, from Twin Falls, ID.  (We just keep following each other on the mission!)  We had a great day together in Amherst.  We were able to have a really successful lesson with Al at a members home.  We talked to Al about the importance of daily prayer and scripture study.  We promised him great blessings by making the effort to each pray and study every day.  So far, he is keeping his commitment well!  Elder Schrader and I had a great day!
     Elder Little and I decided that this week we had better do a lot of finding because none of our investigators were doing very well and almost none of them are progressing.  So we have been hitting the streets and knocking on doors like crazy!  We haven't see too much success quite yet but we definitely have some promising potentials.  One of the investigators we picked up from tracting was a 15 year old boy named Sebastian.  Sebastian is just a good kid and he was very open and interested in the Restoration.  We hope to see him do well and I'll keep you all updated on how he is doing!
    Well, thank you so much for all you do to support me!  I know this Gospel is true, Jesus Christ lives and he is always extending his arms toward us.  Love you all!

Elder Gutierrez

Milk Shake Run with Elder Little

First Time Eating Lobster!  It was pretty good.

All geared up and ready to eat LOBSTER!

"The Boys" at Zone Conference 

Look who found me!  Elder Larsen, Steve Larsen's brother, from California is serving in my area.  We met up at Zone Conference.

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